Beauty and the Beast: post opening review

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Now that the opening weekend has come and gone, and I’ve watched both the 2017 and the 1991 Beauty and the Beast we can review it.

It was mind-blowingly beautiful.  Truly, a tale as old as time (too much?).  There were multiple points in the movie where my eyes welled up from a heady combination of Emma Watson, musical composition and nostalgia.  The movie kept in almost perfect beat with the 1991 original.  There were a few pop culture quips and storyline additions that didn’t detract from our original love and gave it the substance to make it it’s own.  Belle’s storyline is fleshed out a bit more, Gaston’s need to dominate… everything, is more understood and LeFou is still LeFou.  If you’ve been following the unnecessary ruckus around LeFou you know what I’m talking about.  Not that it even matters, but we’re just as confused about his orientation in 2017 as we were in 1991.  I’ll let Ewan McGregor take it from here but it seems the 1991 crowd had better things to do than boycott a children’s movie.

If you haven’t seen it yet and are wondering about Belles famous yellow dress, it’s just as good as the first one.  Seeing as it’s opening weekend has broke a handful of records it’s safe to say it’ll stay in theaters for a few more weeks and I’ll be hitting the matinee, again, on Friday.

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