Feel Good Fandom Quotes: Marvel Netflix Edition


Another week has come and gone and we have finally arrived at the release date of Iron Fist the last of the solo Marvel/Netflix shows before the big Defenders cross over series! In honor of that, today’s Feel Good Fandom Quotes are all coming from Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage. While these three shows were all absolutely fantastic they were set in a darker place than we are used to seeing from Marvel’s cinematic universe. These characters lives are not rainbows and butterflies, they have all suffered greatly and are rough around the edges because of that. All three of the main characters in the previously mentioned series get caught up in their trials and tribulations at times and the people closest to them are the ones to make them see that even in the darkest of times you have to find the light. The path isn’t always easy for these heroes, but with the right words of encouragement they can accomplish anything, and so can any of us!


Let us know if there are any shows or characters that you find particularly inspiring. If you need some more uplifting quotes today check out the Arrow edition of Feel Good Fandom Quotes! Make sure you keep an eye out for the Fan Fest review of Iron Fist coming your way very soon!



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