8 Superheroes (and Villains) We Would Like To Get A Netflix Series

Image: Marvel

If there is one thing that us ‘nerds’ and ‘geeks’ love and look forward to, it is the release of new superhero (or villain) movie or television show. With Marvel’s Iron Fist set to debut on Netflix in a few days, the chatter and anticipation for more and more Netflix series’ is real. After Jon Bernthal made his debut on the Netflix original series Daredevil, it was almost instantaneously that it was announced he would also be getting his own Netflix series. Below is a list of potential superheroes (and villains) we would like to see either get their very own Netflix series, or at least make some sort of appearance in an already running Netflix show.

8. Superboy

DC Comics

Supergirl has got her very own television series and Superman has his own string of movies… what about Superboy? Kon-El has quite an interesting backstory that just screams to be told.


7. Deathstroke

DC Comics

Manu Bennet displayed perfection when he played the character of Deathstroke on the CW TV series, Arrow. Even though he is going to be ‘the big bad’ in the standalone Batman film, it would be nice to see this character explored more thoroughly in his very own TV series. Slade is such a complex character, and he isn’t nearly talked about enough.


6. Nightwing

DC Comics

Over the years, Nightwing has been climbing the ladder in terms of gaining popularity. It would be really nice to see the ‘bat family’ grow, and for this underrated character to take off in his own Netflix series. Hey, sidekicks need some love too!

5. Constantine

DC Comics

The NBC series definitely did not get the credit that it deserved. Maybe it was because the character wasn’t introduced properly; but regardless we say that Constantine deserves a second chance. Matt Ryan does a phenomenal job at playing the role of our… ambitious hero. Maybe a Netflix launch is exactly what this character needs.

4. Red Hood

DC Comics

We got a glimpse of a ‘Red Hood Gang’ in the Fox TV Series Gotham, but we still want more! Jason Todd is another character who is extremely complex, and the story of Red Hood would certainly be a challenging one for any director… but an extremely rewarding one.

3. Blade


We haven’t exactly had an amazing vampire-exterminating television series since Buffy the Vampire Slayer, if we are being 100% honest here. The movies have always been fantastic, but bringing this character to life in his very own Netflix series would certain grab the attention of any vampire slaying fan.

2. Bane

DC Comics

When Gotham started making their beloved police captain go insane, fans of Batman instantly began getting ecstatic at the very idea that the Batman arch-nemesis would be coming to TV. The first major comparison between Barnes and the comic book character Bane is the fact that both have toxins pumping through their veins. While Tom Hardy did a pretty spectacular job, we would love to see this character explored much more. Bane has definitely been underrated over the years, hiding under the shadows of other Gotham villains such as the Joker and the Riddler. Giving this amazing and complex villain a series of his very own would be spectacular.

1. Moon Knight


There have been rumors circling for a little over a year now that Moon Knight would be getting his own TV Series… and all we can say is that we certainly hope these rumors turn out to be true! It would also be fairly easy to introduce the character I mean… he DID help Daredevil face off against the Jester. If you wanna talk about an insanely complicated, complex and interesting superhero… he is definitely your guy. Fingers crossed (c’mon, Marvel!!)


Who would you like to see get their own Netflix series??

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