Watch Ellen Perform a Nanny Prank With Emma Watson’s Help

The Ellen DeGeneres Show/NBC

Ellen DeGeneres is up to no good again, and this time she enlisted the help of her guest Emma Watson. Watson who appears on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today, participated in deceiving an innocent woman into believing that she was interviewing for a nanny position for Watson herself. Using hidden cameras and an earpiece, they play out their prank in Watson’s backstage dressing room.

The hilarious video below shows Watson repeating what DeGeneres says. As the segment goes on, each statement DeGeneres makes gets stranger and makes for some great comical moments. The situation gets a bit uncomfortable when DeGeneres instructs Watson to tell the prospective nanny, “I like to go potty alone. I don’t need your help to potty.”

DeGeneres then has her go through some crazy emotions, uncontrollable laughter and tears, just to test the poor applicant. Talk about a great sport! The woman eventually finds out the truth and boy is she relieved!

Watch the practical jokers in action below and don’t forget to catch Watson in Beauty and the Beast which comes to theaters Friday, March 17.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_kOudWmkxE [/embedyt]


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