Nightwing Solo Film in the Works

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Nightwing Solo Film in the Works

The latest superhero to join the “solo movie production slate” is Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing. News broke this past week that Lego Batman director Chris McKay will be bringing the first boy wonder to the big screen. Fans have been wondering for quite some time when Nightwing would appear onscreen, either in a film or on TV (as Blüdhaven, Nightwing’s domain, is frequently mentioned on Arrow and now The Flash). He was hinted at during the end of The Dark Knight Rises as the character played by Joseph Gordan-Levitt, entered the Batcave. His character’s real name was also revealed to be Robin. But, that was the final installment in the Dark Knight Trilogy, and we never learned any more about what happened after that.

Dick Grayson has always been my favorite character. He is fun and a really good hero. Dick’s parents were murdered during their high-wire performance, leaving him an orphan. He was taken in by Bruce Wayne and soon came to be Robin. Eventually, Dick grew out of being a side-kick and set out on his own, adopting the name of Nightwing and setting up shop in Blüdhaven. Dick was a member of the Teen Titans and frequently returns to Gotham in order to help Batman. He even adopted the mantle following Bruce’s death.

Where will DC decide to go with the story? It has already been established in Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad that we have an older Bruce Wayne, who has lost a Robin. The identity of the Robin isn’t know, but if the cinematic universe is going to stick to the comics, then the deceased Robin is Jason Todd. Since we have an aged Bruce, could there be the possibility of Nightwing taking on the role of Batman in the future? It would be a smart thing for DC to do to keep the Bat Legacy going without having to recast Bruce. Just have someone else step into the role. Adding Nightwing to the cinematic universe also opens the door for the Teen Titans. Depending on Dick’s age, he could still be the leader of the young heroes. Regardless of their future plans, I can’t wait for Nightwing to get his chance to shine in a solo film.

So the big question: Who will play Dick Grayson?

Fans are already chomping at the bit trying to cast Dick. I honestly have no idea just because we don’t know how old they are going to make him. There’s not much to go off of yet, but I have faith in the DCEU’s casting. So far, they’ve done a pretty good job.

Who do you think could don the mask and play Nightwing?

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