Feel Good Fandom Quotes: Arrow Edition


Every once in a while you hear someone say something or read a quote that makes you take stock of what is happening in your life. As lovers of fiction most of us tend to find those quiet moments of contemplation come from the various fictional characters that we allow into our homes and hearts via our TV/Computer screens. While our world is a bit wackadoo sometimes its nice to find that quiet moment, to find strength or inspiration in someone else’s words or story. This is the first post in a weekly series, we will find a movie or TV show that inspired us to either be better or do better.

This being our first post I decided we should start with Arrow. The general theme of Arrow is not letting the dark parts of yourself define you, and to rising above your own expectations of yourself for the betterment of everyone. While The Green Arrow inspires the people of Star City to be braver better people, the man under the mask gets all of his inspiration from those closest to him. So when finding Arrow quotes I thought it was important to not include Oliver but those he has leaned on the most in the five years since he returned from the hellish island.



Everyone at Fan Fest hopes you have an incredible weekend and remember to check back next Friday for some more Feel Good Fandom Quotes! If you can’t get enough Arrow make sure you check out our weekly review here! Our resident Arrow expert and Canary Cosplayer Jules always has a lot of great insit into the fantastic show so keep a look out for what she has to say on our favorite CW vigilante!!


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