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New ‘Walking Dead’ Theories – Who Betrays The Group? Who Dies?


One of my favorite podcasts about The Walking Dead is Walkers & Talkers hosted by Elvis Duran and The Morning Show’s David Brody and Lite F.M’s Jamie Lynn Megargee. I recently wrote an article about an awesome theory they had involving Judith. David Brody has a new theory about something we’ve been wondering about since AMC told us that someone would be betraying the group on this half of the season. Also another theory on who dies, and how.

One potential betrayal theory Brody mentions is that what if the betrayal is Tara not telling Rick and Co. about Oceanside and the guns. Therefore not helping the group with their deal involving The Scavengers. So Tara would be betraying Rick and family but keeping her promise to Cyndie. This is a different, and very interesting way to see things. Definitely not an obvious outcome and something that would surprise the viewers. However, recently Gimple hasn’t really done much to really surprise the fans. Giving us some “of course” outcomes. So the theory that Eric, sort of like Spencer will try and make a deal with Negan to keep Aaron and himself safe, and will end up getting killed in the process, seems highly predictable.

Another theory Brody had was one that I agree with and seems like will actually happen, and that’s how one of the characters will die. We all know Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha) was cast to be on CBS All Access’ new online series Star Trek: Discovery. Now will that end her run on the series? Most likely. While I don’t think she asked to be killed off so that she could join the show, the fact that she’s on another show makes it quite obvious. COMIC SPOILER – If you read the comics you know of the character Holly. Holly was an important character in the comic, and not on the show (she died of blood loss in Season 6). Her character is taken by Negan, killed by Negan and brought back to Rick and the team with a bag over her head hiding the fact that she’s dead in a ploy to get Rick to cooperate. The theory is that Sasha will take Holly’s place and be taken, and killed in the same gruesome way with Rick having to shoot zombified Holly/Sasha.

Also, will Negan be using the iron to get Sherry to confess about letting Daryl go? (She obviously did, Dwight looks terrified looking for Daryl in the trailer for Sunday’s episode). Anyway make sure to follow David Brody @David_Brody, Jamie @JMegs514 and the Walkers and Talkers podcast @Walkers_Talkers. You can listen to Walkers and Talkers on the iHeartRadio app. Link below to the most recent episode!

Walkers & Talkers PODCAST Hosted By David Brody and Jamie Lynn Megargee

REMEMBER THESE ARE ONLY THEORIES!!!! And in good fun, that’s what theories are for, Fun. Also keeping the audience excited for each and every episode. Remember the amount of theories about who Negan killed? If you have any cool, insane theories I’d love to read them all below in the comments section.

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