Josh Gad Enlists Famous Pals To Coax Daisy Ridley Into Giving Up ‘Star Wars’ Spoilers

Star Wars: The Last Jedi doesn’t hit theaters until December (arrrgh) but that’s not stopping Josh Gad from trying to get Daisy Ridley to spill the beans in any way possible.

In an Instagram video posted by Gad, the Beauty and the Beast star assures Ridley that he was not “setting her up” to bombard her with Star Wars questions but the same can’t be said for his friends. As he turned the camera, a slew of famous faces including Leslie Odom Jr., Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Penelope Cruz, and Star Wars Episode IX director Colin Trevorrow asked the starlet their most burning questions, except Pratt who just hilariously listed the films he’s starred in as of late. Even J.J. Abrams himself asked if Luke had any lines in The Last Jedi, leading Ridley to smirk. Check out it below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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