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The Walking Dead: Mystery Boots Revealed

If you remember back to Season 7A, there was a pair of mystery boots stalking our beloved group at Alexandria.

Well on Talking Dead tonight, we learn of the identity of mystery boots…

It’s Tamiel!

Seth Gilliam and Chris Hardwick both confirmed this fact on the show.

Tamiel is a part of the Scavengers, a low profile “take but don’t bother” group that live in a land fill. Jadis is their leader and she agrees to make a deal with Rick when Father Gabriel reveals that if they help fight the Saviors, then they can have whatever they want. Of course Gabriel is holding a knife to Tamiel’s neck while saying all of this.

Jadis reveals that they took Gabriel and the whole pantry because they wanted the goods that Rick and Aaron got from the boat, but couldnt find them because the Saviors already took it all.

Do you think the Scavengers will keep the deal they made with Rick?

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