WATCH: ‘This Is Us’ Star Milo Ventimiglia Surprises a Fan During Filming


Life really is full of coincidences.  You’re thinking about a person and they call or text you right at that second.  You’re on vacation on the other side of the world and you run into a neighbor. Or, in Milo Ventimiglia’s case,  you’re filming an episode of This Is Us and happen to notice someone actually watching the show in their living room while you are outside of their house filming.

Ventimiglia posted a quick video to his social media on Tuesday documenting the event.  After noticing the family was watching an episode of their hit NBC series, Ventimiglia decided they needed to knock on the door and surprise the fans.

The gentleman who answers seems to be in complete shock.  Ventimiglia says, “Hi, we’re filming next door but we happen to notice what you were watching right now.”

Though the man laughs, he still seems slightly confused until Ventimiglia points out, “You’re watching us.”  Laughter erupts from the cast and crew who were on the scene.

Can you imagine if you were relaxing at home and the star of your favorite show suddenly knocked on your door?  Personally, I don’t know if I would be able to speak at first either!

Check out the hilarious video below and be sure to tune in to NBC to see Milo Ventimiglia star as Jack on This Is Us Tuesday nights at 9pm EST.


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