Dancing Winnie the Pooh Video Goes Viral

Feeling blue, cranky, grumpy or just…MEH? Well then maybe a dancing bear might be the cure to what ails you. A new Dancing Winnie the Pooh meme has been making its way through social media platforms and it is sure to make you smile.

Twitter account @Dancing_Winnie posted the meme and is dedicated to posting it whenever  the situation calls for it. Some tweets include captions saying: “Me when my jam comes on” and ” Me and my best friend at then club”

Here’s a few to cheer you up…



You can practically add it to anything that will give you joy and excitement…I personally would tweet it saying “Me, when I get SDCC badges.”

The Dancing Winnie meme originated from a 2015 YouTube video of the bear dancing to a remix of Psy’s Gangnam Style…watch video below.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEidFg0Vvac[/embedyt]

Apparently, Pooh Bear can shake his booty to any song thrown his way. see what other music he enjoys dancing to by searching #dancingwinnie on Twitter.


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