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‘Lucifer: A Good Day to Die’


With time quickly running out, Lucifer races to find an antidote to save Chloe. But he’ll have to go to Hell and back (literally) to do it. Will he be able to save Chloe in time?

Building off of the momentum of last week’s episode, Lucifer’s hard-pressed to find an antidote to cure Chloe. Not only are the ingredients difficult to find, but, as Lucifer comes to realize, Dr. Carlisle kept the formula all to himself. Lucifer decides to pay Dr. Carlisle a visit.

Because Chloe’s health is declining so fast, Lucifer devises a divide and conquer strategy. Lucifer, Maze, Linda, and Amenadiel will perform the logistics to get Lucifer to Hell and back to retrieve the formula. Dan and Ella will secure the necessary ingredients. As usual, though, things don’t work as smoothly as the gang would hope.

Though Lucifer does manage to convince Dr. Carlisle to provide the formula, Lucifer becomes stuck in Hell. Consumed with guilt over his part in Uriel’s death, Lucifer’s soul becomes trapped – leaving Maze and Linda unable to revive him.

Linda volunteers to go to Hell to retrieve Lucifer, but before she’s able to plan, Mama Morningstar appears.  “Send me,” she tells the two women. Maze quickly complies.

Mama Morningstar reaches her son. She tells him that she’s been manipulating him the entire time, using him against his father. She pushed him and Chloe together. Upset that what Chloe feels might not be real, Lucifer confronts his guilt, overcomes it, and pulls his (resistant) mother out of Hell.  Once revived, he gives the information to the gang and Chloe’s saved.

Once she’s released from the hospital, Chloe tries in vain to contact Lucifer.  Desperate she stops at Lux to see him, but he’s covered up his furniture and left town. Chloe’s left wondering what happened.

This episode was amazing. From the music to the performances, everything clicked. It would be difficult to pick a favorite scene from the offerings of the episode.  If forced, though, I would say my absolute favorite was the conversation between Amenadiel and Trixie. Both actors nailed the scene, with young Scarlett Estevez holding her own with some pretty heavy emotional material. Could Trixie’s insistence of Amenadiel’s goodness be the very thing that Amenadiel needs in order to heal?

We learned so much in this episode that I’m sure Lucifans will be processing this episode for weeks to come. I’d be interested to hear your theories on where the series might go from here.  Until May all we can do is theorize. It’s going to be a long hiatus.

Parting thoughts:

  • Interesting that Maze had difficulty “killing” Lucifer (but, no qualms with Mama Morningstar, which amused me). Maze has definitely changed after spending time around the Humans.
  • Linda thinks she’s going to Hell for things in her past. I hope the writers explore this. Linda seems so together.
  • Is Amenadiel going to be on the mend? Could Trixie have broken through whatever was holding him back?
  • Dan and Ella worked together. Maybe we can see more pairings in the future.
  • What did Uriel’s message mean? What is the “piece” he’s referring to that’s supposedly on Earth?

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