Wanderer is a brand new solo artist named Adam Simmons whose genre is cinematic pop. He just came out with an EP called City. The EP features 5 songs; Call Me Crazy, Only in the Night, Driving, Make You Feel and Welcome to the Wild. I love listening to every song of his new EP but if I had to choose I would choose Only in the Night or Driving.


Why did you choose the name Wanderer?

The name was born out of an idea I’d been toying with for a while. I think people my age and in this generation feel like we’re not sure where to go, or what to do. I want to capture the possibility of that, and reflect it through my music. Everyone is on their own journey, and I want to help narrate that with my songs. I liked the name over using my own name. I think it’s mysterious and can become more than just one person that way.

Tell me briefly about yourself.

I am 25 years old, and live in Tempe, AZ.

Why did you decide to play the genre you do?

I come from many different styles. My music will evolve and change just as I do. I love the production sounds of the 80s, and the melodic sense of pop music. But I also love other genres that I will explore in the future.

Tell me a history about your music.

This project is less than a year old, but I’ve already gotten do so many awesome things. From putting out my debut EP, to playing sold out shows in my hometown, to going on my first tour. 2017 will be a big year!

Do you write your own songs?

How do you describe you music to people?
Indie pop, with darker elements, 80s influences, rhythmic guitars, and a cinematic feel.

Are you signed with anyone?
I release my music independently!

Do you have any favorite place(s) to go and write songs?
My home studio or room has always been the best for me. Anywhere I can be alone to write.

What are each of your songs about?
They all have different themes and topics. But I write all from personal experience, whether it is a romantic story, the feeling of being with that perfect person, or late night adventures and youth.

Anything new or upcoming in the recording of your music?
I will be putting out new stuff very soon in 2017!

Do you have any upcoming shows/tours?
Yes! I’m leaving for a west coast tour this week, which ends with my first headlining show in Arizona.



What is your dream venue to perform in?
Red Rocks, and Madison Square Garden

Are you a solo artist or do you have other members?
I am a solo artist, but I have a live band that plays with me.


What musical instruments can you play?
I sing, play guitar, bass, drums, and try to play piano.

What is your favorite thing about music?
The feeling of creating something that’s yours out of thin air.

What are your dreams?
To continue to make music for as many people as possible.

What are your goals?
I have a lot. I’d love to tour and build my fan base as big as possible.

What inspires you to make music?
I don’t need inspiration to make music. It’s what I do all day, every day. It’s the most fun thing for me to do with my time.

When did you start making music?
In middle school I picked up a guitar for the first time, and haven’t put it down since!
I have tons. Everything from Frank Sinatra and The Rolling Stones to John Mayer and The 1975.

What is your favorite song from your band?
I think my favorite right now is Make You Feel

Below is a youtube audio of the song 🙂


What is your favorite song in general?
Stop This Train by John Mayer

Where can we listen to your music?
Anywhere. Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Sound Cloud, etc…

Do you use any social media accounts?
All of them!

Listen to the song and watch the music video of Call Me Crazy below! 😀


To buy Wanderers album you can click the link below.

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I graduated with a bachelors degree in Elementary (K-6) and Special Education (K-8). I absoulutely love working with kids. It has always been my passion. I also always have had a passion for writing, so I am so happy that I am able to write for fanfest! Especially since my favorite show is The Walking Dead. I also love Orange is the New Black, Game of Thrones (which I am very behind on), Fear the Walking Dead, Ride with Norman Reedus, and Once Upon a Time.