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‘Big Bang Theory’ Recap ‘The Romance Recalibration’


Things aren’t going so well for Leonard and Penny… but they are taking a couples spa weekend so we’ll see how that goes.

Amy is having her first girl’s night and Penny is bumming everyone out by asking Bernadette if it’s normal for husband to stop caring.

Sheldon is trying to take an interest in his friends lives and it sparks an argument between Penny and Leonard. Penny is now taking Amy to the spa and Leonard is upset.

Raj and Howard are trying to figure out how to get to Halley to put her down for a nap without stepping on the squeaky floor. So far the suggestions are: slingshot, swing on a rope or a rope and pulley system. All bad ideas, funny, but horrible. They decide to make Halley’s room a grid to map the squeaks. Man, Howard is limber!

Sheldon made Leonard tea and offers to play a game to cheer him up. Leonard says that he didn’t give up, he’s just comfortable.

Leonard decides to drive to see Penny to apologize. When he arrives, Penny is angry and wants some space. Sheldon offers to make a relationship agreement.

After some time and a bit of cucumber water, Leonard and Penny ask for a relationship agreement. Sheldon is ecstatic!

Well, they signed it. Hopefully things works out for them.

Tune in next week!

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