Review of ‘Lucifer: Stewardess Interruptus’

Lucifer and Chloe investigate the murders of two of Lucifer’s former lovers – which causes the Lord of Hell to have an epiphany. Mama Morningstar encourages Lucifer to pursue a relationship with Chloe.

Just when Lucifer and Chloe are about to have a moment, Lucifer’s past comes calling.  What starts out as a way to reinforce his reputation ats a ladies man ends up leading the Lord of Hell to reevaluate his life choices.

When two of his former lovers are murdered, Lucifer and Chloe are assigned to the case. Chloe questions a parade of Lucifer’s conquests. While they all agree on one thing, the night spent with Lucifer was the best of their lives, they also all agree that it was just a meaningless one-night stand with no emotional attachment.

Lucifer maintains that there must have been someone he bonded with.  After all, the killer had to have had some sort of attachment if they were willing to kill for him. Their investigation leads them to Sookie Price, a young woman who has never met Lucifer but is strangely obsessed with him – to the point of following the King of Hell, taking photographs of his many lovers, and creating a board tracking his many flings.

When Chloe spies a photo of the two victims on Sookie’s wall, she notices a third person in the picture. They track him down and he leads them to Burt, an alleged drug smuggler who had contact with both of the victims.  Maze and Dan are called in to flush Burt out, but they mistakenly grab the wrong guy.  The real Burt pulls a gun on Lucifer – who promptly shows him his real face and leaves Burt cowering in fear.  They take Burt into custody and close the case.

The episode ends with Lucifer standing on the beach watching the waves. Chloe tracks him via GPS. The two talk and Lucifer admits he feels he’s unworthy of Chloe’s love. She deserves someone who loves every part of her: someone better who appreciates her child and is as good as she is. Lucifer says she’s special and he’s not worth it.

“You’re probably right,” Chloe says, as she leans in to kiss him.

Wow, this episode. What a great way to welcome us back from the hiatus. And what a way to set up this three-episode arc.  How frustrating is it going to be to have to wait until May to pick back up again once this trio of episodes has aired?

Lucifer’s relationship with Chloe is one of my favorite parts of the series. How is Mama Morningstar going to exploit them to get back into Heaven?  Why doesn’t Lucifer see his mother has an agenda? He’s quick to read most people, so having him be so blind to his own mother’s schemes seems off.

Speaking of off, what’s up with Amenadiel?  He’s become quite the pod person this season. I can only hope he’ll come to his senses soon and wake up. His story line is quickly losing its steam – and DB Woodside is too good for that fate. Here’s to hoping he will become more of a real force again in the last half of the season. Maybe Maze needs to have a talk with him.

Maze was awesome in this episode.  I love the “Laze” (Linda and Maze) scenes. Maze has always been a force to be reckoned with, but now she’s starting to own her own power. (“Self-worth comes from within, bitches.”

Overall, this was a pretty solid outing. I can’t wait until next week to see what will happen.

Parting thoughts:

  • Seeing Scarlett Estevez on the screen brightened the hour. I’ve missed Trixie.
  • I love seeing how the relationship between Lucifer and Chloe grows every episode. It’s nice to see how Lucifer is starting to really respect Chloe.
  • Poor Dan. Maze forced him to admit his fling with Mama Morningstar. It did lead to one of the best exchanges of the night, however. Lucifer: The last thing I need is a stepdad. Dan: You say some really weird things, man.
  • What was with the stolen package? Who is the mysterious figure at the end of the episode?

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