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It’s All About the Past Tonight on ‘This Is Us’: Exclusive Clip & Stills!


You know you’ve got something good when you can completely wipe out a majority of your ensemble cast for an episode to only focus on two characters and viewers are still delighted to tune in.

That’s what happening this week on This Is Us. Now that we know Toby is okay, we are heading all the way back to the day The Big Three were born and staying there for the full hour. I didn’t even realize that I wanted this, but now I am super excited to see what happened before that fant-ass-tic first scene of the series.

The episode titled “The Big Day” will mainly detail the day that the triplets were born, which is also Jack’s birthday. We will see Jack and Rebecca as they navigate through some of the stress that comes with expecting triplets while living in a barely furnished house. And an even bigger treat? We also get a glimpse into Dr. K’s day to see how fate worked it’s magic as well as the firefighter who found little Randall on his stoop. Expect some Miguel too!

Click the link/photo below to watch an exclusive clip from tonight’s episode. 

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And be sure to look through the gallery for some photos!

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