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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap ‘The Holiday Summation’


It’s after the holidays and everyone is back in Pasadena. Penny and Leonard have invited everyone over to catch up.

Apparently Sheldon’s trip didn’t go so well. He and Amy told his mother that they are living together and she is thrilled. She thought he was going to be alone for most of his life.

After a bit of pouting, and buttering swim fins off Sheldon’s feet, they leave. It turns out that Amy already told Sheldon’s mom about them.

Sheldon got an earring? This story is just as odd as Shamy’s relationship. But apparently he needed to rebel a little.

Howard, Bernadette and their Sherpas, Raj and Stewart, finally arrive with the baby.

While the boys put a sleeping Halley in the bedroom, Penny and Leonard reveal they had the biggest fight they’ve ever had, all thanks to the Christmas tree. They decided to chop down a live tree. It was very stressful.

Sheldon asks how life with a baby is (so he doesn’t have to touch her) and Bernadette tells them that it’s been exhausting and less than pleasant because she’s been experiencing the “baby blues.” But things have turned around.

Everyone gets ready to leave and Howard forgets Halley.

“Still new to this”- Howard


Welcome back! It’s nice to see you all again! How’d you like tonight’s episode?

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