The Trailer for Godzilla: The Real 4-D Attraction Has Arrived

Godzilla the great and powerful King of all Kaiju will terrorize Universal Studios Japan park goers this year.  From Audiences will get to witness a Kaiju attack first hand. Those first three d’s in the title refer to the fact that there will be 3D glasses involved. The fourth d means that audiences will be subjected splashes of water, blasts of heat, and probably waves of smoke. In other words, it very much sounds like a modern update on shuttered Universal Studios attractions like Earthquake and Twister: Ride It Out, both of which followed the “audience stands by and watches a well-orchestrated disaster happen” model of entertainment. This is all part of Universal Cool Japan 2017, an annual event that brings popular Japanese characters and franchises into the park for a limited time only. 2017’s line-up also includes temporary attractions based on Evangelion, Monster Hunter, and Attack on Titan.

Here’s the official description of the ride from Universal:

Godzilla brings its intimidating, city-crushing 350-foot frame to Universal Studios Japan in an unrivaled 4D attraction, featuring incredible video combined with special effects to stimulate the five senses. Experience fear and despair with amazingly realistic sensations, as you stand face-to-face with the iconic monster in “Godzilla: The Real 4-D.” Available for a limited time only.



Godzilla arrives January 13th and will run until June 2017. Get you tix to Japan while ya can!


Credits: Universal Studios Japan and

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