Disney Releases New ‘Beauty and The Beast’ TV Spot

While there is still a bit of time before we get to see the movie, Disney has recently been releasing a few more glimpses at the long-awaited live-action Beauty and the Beast.

The studio released an audio sneak peek of Emma Watson’s part of “Something There” over the holidays and has released new TV spots featuring Belle’s (Emma Watson) time in the castle with the Beast (Dan Stevens) from the snow fights outside to the iconic ballroom waltz. The spots also introduce a few members of the staff from Cogsworth (Ian McKellen) and Lumiere (Ewan McGregor) to Mrs. Potts (Emma Thompson).

Both spots have similar tone and certain scenes show up in both but each highlights a different aspect of the movie from Belle’s time in the castle to Gaston and the villagers’ reactions.

Check them out below.

Beauty and The Beast hits theaters March 17.

Will you be watching?

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