WATCH: If The Year 2016 Was Made Into A Horror Movie, This Would Be The Trailer

We can pretty much all agree, at times, 2016 has been a totally frightening year.  As it turns out, YouTubers Friend Dog Studios happened to agree and decided to give 2016 the horror movie treatment it deserves with a bit of a comedic twist (because, with all the craziness that’s happened this past year, we just HAVE to laugh).

Friend Dog Studios is run by Brian Huther, Ben Auxier and Seth Macchi out of Kansas City, Missouri.  The comedy trio put together a ridiculously perfect fake movie trailer for mock film titled 2016: The Movie.

The trailer begins with a happy couple, counting down to midnight, just about to ring in the new year of 2016.  Little did they know, at the stroke of midnight, everything would change.

2016, in the trailer, is given a human persona relatable to any classic horror movie serial killer.  The trailer explores many notable and infamous moments from the past year including Brexit, President-Elect Donald Trump, the mannequin challenge, exploding cell phones, Harambe and, of course, the deaths of many celebrity favorites.

With the tag line, “It’s the horror movie of the year.  Literally.” we kind of wish this were a real film.

Check out the parody trailer for 2016: The Movie:

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