Hugh Jackman Shares New ‘Logan’ Poster

It’s been something new to use actors in the marketing campaigns and it seems to be effective (think back to Ryan Reynolds and the Deadpool campaigns). Hugh Jackman has been known for his PR for the movie Logan and he’s doing a wonderful job at it! It’s been 17 hours when he started teasing the new poster and it looked like this:

Now we finally have the full poster. Take a look:

Like all the other posters he shared, not many words are used and there doesn’t need to be any more. We believe that a picture itself tells its story and it seems to be one of the times where it does.

Not only are we getting an awesome poster, but the newest teaser in the line is that we may be getting a new trailer in January! Who is excited for the new movie!?

The movie will hit the theatres on March 3, 2017!



Credits to Marvel for picture


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