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The Most Social Shows of 2016-The Top Spot Didn’t go to ‘The Walking Dead’ or ‘Game of Thrones’

You may be surprised by the results of TV Guide’s yearly sum up of the year’s most socially engaged shows. We would think that The Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones (those that take the top spots in fandom), would take the cake here.

Well, it seems that we are wrong! Which show is the most socially engaged? Pretty Little Liars!

This may have something to do with its biggest group of viewers being tech savvy teen girls, who have grown up to be even more tech savvy collegiate and ladies in their early 20s. Or it could be that the drama on the show is just, so, dramatic!

So no, not even Negan bashing in Glenn’s head, or Game of Thrones twisty turns could out-tweet the sudden on screen texts from “A” and steamy makeout sessions between “Haleb”, “Ezria” and “Spoby”-yes I know these names off-the-cuff. Because I myself, used to be a hard core PLL fan.


But don’t fret guys, because The Walking Dead was indeed the second runner up to the gals AND Pretty Little Liars is unfortunately ending after this season, after six years of juicy secrets.


Here are the social interactions by the number:

Pretty Little Liars: 250 million (and most from instagram, apparently)

The Walking Dead: 144.86 million

Game of Thrones: 39.66 million

Teen Wolf: 70.55 million

Stranger Things: 12.99 million

Other shows in the running that people love to talk about were The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, America’s Funniest Home Videos, Empire, The Daily Show, The Voice, Shadowhunters, and Grey’s Anatomy.

Keep buzzing, y’all!

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