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Andrew Lincoln On That Rick/Daryl Hug And The Group’s Newfound Unity


To quote The Lion King: Can you feel the love tonight?

Without a doubt, the best moment of this Sunday’s mid-season finale of The Walking Dead was the reunion of the group at the Hilltop community, which involved massive heartwarming hugfests, the biggest being between best bros Daryl and Rick. Check out the glorious moment in GIF form below:

While we all agree that it was a very bromantic, tender moment, Andrew Lincoln described it another way in his interview with Entertainment Weekly:

“Dude, it was embarrassing. What you saw was nothing. You should have seen us in between action and cut. It was never ending! You couldn’t pry us apart! I started to cry because I was so relieved he was out of the sweatpants because he stank and he was really unpleasant. I was so relieved that I didn’t have to hug him in those awful sweats.”

The group’s reunion was definitely a much needed moment of happiness, something that this season has not had in the slightest. And with that brings hope, which Andrew says he’s looking forward to –

“It sucks for that first half of the season to be a guy that led this group for so long – and they’ve been not without their trials and tribulations but there’s always been some semblance of hope in Rick – and to have that beaten out of him is heartbreaking, at least it was for me. I did not enjoy filming on set. I was not a happy camper. To have unity, just the beginnings of the flame being ignited again, was enough to get me excited for the back eight.”

The Walking Dead returns with all new episodes this February. Check out the poster for the second half of the season!

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