Insane ‘Walking Dead’ Theory by ‘Elvis Duran and Morning Show’s’ David Brody Involving Judith


If you listen to Elvis Duran and the Morning Show you already know the hilarious executive producer/writer and phone tap king David Brody. What you might not know is that he has a weekly Walking Dead podcast alongside Jamie Lynn Megargee. He spoke about an incredible theory that I just had to share. Since tonight is the mid-season finale for The Walking Dead, it’s all about to go down.

Last week when they showed us a little trailer for the mid-season finale, we saw a bloody Negan, and Rick crying looking visibly distraught, kind of like during the season premiere when Negan made Rick the most vulnerable he’s been in all 7 seasons. Now what would make Rick like that again? According to David Brody there’s a chance that Rosita’s bullet that Eugene made, kills Judith when Rosita tries to kill Negan. Maybe Rosita doesn’t notice he’s holding Judith, tries to shoot Negan and kills Judith instead.

For one I think this is an very plausible theory because if you look at Lucille you can see there’s no blood on it, so whoever’s blood is on Negan’s face must have come from something else. The question is, what would make Rick make that face again? The death of Judith by one of the Alexandrians/Rick’s own group is definitely a way. Another theory being tossed around is that Negan takes Judith back with him, which is also a great theory and makes trying to save her and capture/kill Negan even more interesting for the second half of the season. Or they could just go the way of the comics and not change the storyline much. It’d also be insanely interesting to see the plot line after that scene should it happen. Do I want Judith gone? I do not, but can you put it past this show to do crazy shock-value kills?

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Why do you think Negan is bloody? Have any theories? Comment below!

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