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Jerome Will Officially Return To ‘Gotham’ In January

Credits Fox

If we thought we would not be getting anything in this midseason break of the show, but they have surprised us yet again. The official Gotham Twitter has posted a little teaser that Jerome Valeska (Cameron Monaghan) will be making his return in January.



Remember when Cameron Monaghan teased a picture of a very well-known smile and short after deleted it? Well, he did it again. Just 2 days after the preview came, more pictures got posted where we had some more sneak peeks about his look as the Joker. Take a look:




Take a closer look, for the people that are familiar with the 52 Comic universe, know that the Dollmaker cut the Joker’s face off, after that he re-applied this to his wounds. Might it be something like this? It is a possibility, because there is already a version of a Dollmaker in Gotham.


Gotham is currently taking a midseason break and will be back in January. We cannot wait for it to come back!




Credits to Fox for the picture

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