Christmas Challenge Announcement! Gingerbread Houses with a Pop Culture Twist!

Gingerbread houses are about to get geeky.

Green Arrow gum drops and bloody Walking Dead frosting, the possibilities are endless.

Fanfest.com wants to see the fans get creative this holiday season!

We want you to put a pop culture twist on your gingerbread house this year. Take your classic Gingerbread house, and combine it with your favorite movie, or TV show and get creative!


Maybe Star Wars is your all time favorite, or you want to sweeten up Gilmore Girls’ stars hollow! Maybe a Marvel or DC themed cookie home is more your style.

We know how passionate fans are, and you guys know the little touches that can put a twist on this delicious Christmas tradition! We can’t wait to see what our readers and fans have in store.

Submissions can be emailed to editor@fanfest.com by December 23rd. Walker Stalker, Heroes & Villains and Fan Fest prizes will await the winners chosen!

All entries will be shown right here on Fanfest.com!

Happy decorating!


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