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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap ‘The Property Division Collision’


Amy and Sheldon are discussing what to do about redecorating- and the portrait of Penny and Amy is back!

Well now it’s back with Penny and the boys figure it’s a good idea for them to go through their mutually owned items. Sheldon is being a bit selfish and

Stewart asks Bernadette and Howard to move in since he is getting evicted and he prefaces the request with a gift of hand made coupons. He even offers to help when the baby comes. He really is sweet.

Sheldon is still being selfish about splitting the items in the apartment so Leonard decides he wants the official flag of the apartment.

Raj shows up at Howard, Bernadette and now Stewart’s house for dinner. Stewart tells him he’s living there now.

“Do they know? Or is it like a possum in the walls kind of thing?”- Raj.

Raj is clearly jealous that Stewart is acting as a third wheel when that was his job. So they end up fighting.

Sheldon, not getting his way, changes the internet password…so petty. So Leonard gets back at him by wearing the flag as a toga, while going commando…Why?

“Easy peezy oh so breezy!”- Leonard says circling his hips.

Raj comes back the next day to help put the crib together, but Stewart already did that. They decide to make a truce- kind of.

Great Scott! Christopher Lloyd is making a sandwich in Leonard and Penny’s apartment. Sheldon gave him his old room because he paid rent for the rest of the month. Leonard is furious. Christopher Lloyd gets real with the boys and diffuses the situation… okay who is this guy?…

Penny makes peace with the painting and has Leonard hang it in the apartment.

Bernadette thinks she has gone into labor. Stewart and Raj immediately stop fighting and they transform into the perfect baby team.

“Team baby, Go!” –  Raj

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