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Review of ‘Lucifer: Quid Pro Ho’


lucifer-in-courtroomWhen the head of the key witness in the trial against the man who killed Chloe’s father arrives at the station (yes, an actual decapitated head a la Seven), Chloe gets a bad feeling. Lucifer tries to reassure her, but, when he sees his mother arrive in the courtroom to defend the man, he realizes things may not go well and wonders what his mother has up her sleeve.

In an effort to help the Detective during the investigation, Lucifer decides to step in and testify on Chloe’s behalf. Mama Morningstar takes advantage of the situation. Lucifer and Dan are both questioned. Charlotte accuses the LAPD of falsifying reports and Lucifer of lying on the stand. Lucifer can’t figure out how Charlotte got her information – and Dan isn’t volunteering any info willingly.

With things looking grim, Charlotte makes Chloe an offer – betray Lucifer by calling him a liar and she’ll make sure Perry is found guilty.

Even knowing that it means her father’s killer will most likely be set free…. Chloe can’t betray Lucifer.  She admits that was the first person on the crime scene and should not have been near it. She also admits that Lucifer’s the best partner she’s ever had, much to Dan’s dismay.

Perry is released as a free man.

Lucifer, touched by Chloe’s words, heads to the detective’s apartment at episode’s end with the dinner he promised her in tow. The two look pretty cozy as the episode ends.

Wow, what a midseason finale!

We learn quite a bit of information in this episode.  Three things stand out as the most important: 1-God placed Chloe in Lucifer’s path 35 years ago when he had Amenadiel help bless a childless couple with a baby; 2-Chloe really has feelings for Lucifer (and vice versa); 3-Maze can fight. (As a side note, never, ever piss Maze off).

When Amenadiel realizes his father used him to put Chloe on Earth to eventually end up in Lucifer’s path, he feels like a pawn. Charlotte’s quick to offer the silver lining, though.  The mystery of why Chloe is so important to Lucifer has been solved: Chloe will be the key to getting Amenadiel’s wings back and getting them all back to Heaven.  How this will happen is still a mystery, but it’s obvious that the target on Chloe’s back has grown even larger than it was before.  And though his feelings for her (and hers for him) puts her in danger, Lucifer is one of the only beings in this realm that can protect her.

There’s someone else on Earth who can do the same, though: Maze.

Aside from that killer fight scene (where Maze kicked some serious butt), the scene between Maze and Amenadiel was especially important. She’s proven her loyalty to Lucifer over and over again, but this was the first episode where she showed any inclination of loyalty toward Chloe.  True, it’s more likely a way to go after Charlotte, but you can see that Maze is starting to develop a fondness for Chloe. That girl’s night out at the bar turned out to be a good thing, it seems.

Overall this episode was excellent. I can’t wait to see how things play out in the next episode.  Unfortunately, that’s in January.  Ugh, the hiatus is going to be Hell….

Parting thoughts:

  • Dan is going to have to come clean with Chloe about Charlotte and what he did to Perry. You know she won’t be pleased.
  • Lucifer speaks Chinese – all languages, actually.
  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Douche.
  • Does Charlotte know about Trixie? Will she use the girl to force Chloe to give in to her demands?

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