‘Pokémon Go’ Adds Ditto

Pokémon Go Adds Ditto

Niantic confirmed that Ditto is now available in Pokémon Go, but there is quite a twist. In order to obtain this rare Pokémon, you’re going to have to start catching just about everything as Ditto is in disguise. Once caught, the Pokémon will immediately reveal itself to be Ditto, so don’t be afraid that you accidentally traded it away. Niantic also released information on how Ditto will work during Gym battles. Ditto will take the form of the first Pokémon it faces and then remain that way throughout the rest of the battles.

This is a good time to try your luck at catching this unique Pokémon as there is a holiday special going on right now where you get double experience points and stardust. So get on out there and start catching everything.

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