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‘The Flash’ Preview ‘Killer Frost’

Image: The CW

The Flash Preview ‘Killer Frost’

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Caitlin no!

Last week, our beloved Dr. Snow was forced by Cisco into revealing that she has been developing icy powers. She was upset with Barry after he told her that she didn’t have any powers before he created Flashpoint. Now, she seems to have completely lost control and is becoming the villainess she was trying to avoid, Killer Frost.

What happened, Caitlin? You’ve always been so good and pure. I hate, but also love, that she is becoming a villain. But how did it get to this? Is she just pushed too far to where her powers take over? If Caitlin does end up becoming Killer Frost, is a lot of the remainder of the season going to be spent getting her back? I would think so considering how much the team cares for her. So many questions.

This week’s episode was directed by Kevin Smith, who directed the episode ‘Runaway Dinosaur’ last week, which was a really great one. I’m so excited for this week.

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