Try Not to Cringe While Watching These Leaked BTS Videos From The Disney Channel

Remember the good ol’ days of Disney Channel? There was Lizzie McGuire, Even Stevens, Sister Sister, Hannah Montana, That’s So Raven, all of those classic Disney Channel Original Movies and more? I for one was a huge fan. Getting The Disney Channel on our TV was once a bribe that my parents used for me to get good grades in school. And guess what? I did.

So, if you remember all of that nostalgic goodness then you definitely remember those “I’m so and so and you’re watching Disney Channel” promos they would play throughout the day like such:


Well, proving that not all heroes wear capes, someone has found behind the scenes footage of your favorite stars filming them. They are pretty cringe worthy and the attitudes are certainly flowing in a couple of them.While a lot of the videos have since been taken down a couple are still available to watch. Enjoy !

Here’s Hilary Duff’s:



Jake Thomas (Lizzie McGuire)

Tia and Tamera Mowry (Sister Sister)


America Ferrera (Gotta Kick It Up)

Lalaine (Lizzie McGuire- aka the best friend)


Kyla Pratt:

Orlando Brown (That’s So Raven)


Kyle Massey:


If you managed to make it through all of that awkwardness, congrats to ya!





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