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Luke or Daisy? Gilmore Girls creator reveals fun fact about how Luke came to be

The CW

If you’re a fan of Gilmore Girls then you are surely a fan of Amy Sherman-Palladino, who created the show along with her husband Daniel Palladino. This duo created everything that you love from the town of Stars Hollow, the fast talking dialogue, the character of Kirk, and the inevitable relationship that was Luke and Lorelai. But did you know that Luke almost didn’t exist?

The Palladinos sat down with Entertainment Weekly recently to discuss the upcoming Revival and spilled some dirt on Stars Hollow’s all star couple:

“Luke was originally a female character,” Sherman Palladino revealed. “[The network] came to me and said we need another guy, so I literally just took a character and changed the name, didn’t even change any of the dialogue because I’m that lazy.”

The CW
The CW

The character that she changed was Daisy of Daisy’s Diner to Luke Danes in a move that would prove to be monumental for the show moving forward.  What was just a simple change for a small role turned into more when the Palladino’s began to notice the undeniable chemistry between Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson.

“We did a few shows and they just had chemistry. It was the episode where they were in the market and Lorelai’s spying on Dean. Luke was there and they had this scene that didn’t mean anything,” Sherman- Palladino says.

Luke himself Scott Patterson also chimed in on the match-up. “You just never know about that kind of thing. You can get the two most talented people in the world together on screen, and for some reason, it just doesn’t work. I knew it from the moment we met, and I knew it was going to work on screen. We just had a rhythm.”

Thank goodness for the change because it’s hard to imagine Gilmore Girls without Luke and Lorelai.

The CW
The CW

Be sure to watch Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life on Netflix November 25th! And be sure to check back to FanFest for all Gilmore news!

Credit: Entertainment Weekly


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