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Recap ‘Lucifer: My Little Monkey’


When the man Chloe believes is responsible for killing her father is temporarily paroled, Chloe decides to keep an eye on him. But when he turns up dead only minutes after being released from jail, Chloe’s forced to hand the case over to Dan and his temporary partner, Lucifer.

Still stinging from his encounter with Dr. Martin, Lucifer decides it’s time to become a ‘regular dude’. Wanting to be someone who’s normal, helpful, and boring (all of the things he feels he’s not), Lucifer decides to observe and imitate Dan.

Can I say how much I loved seeing these two characters interact with each other?  From Lucifer’s wardrobe choices to finding out Dan’s been improv’ing using Lucifer as his alter ego, this story line worked. They solved the case and managed, maybe, to even form a bond that could lead to a potential friendship. I hope we get more of this on-screen in the future. If there’s one thing this series excels at it’s taking two characters who seem to have nothing in common and creating a new relationship that makes sense.

And speaking of, how awesome was that last scene with Maze and Dr. Martin?  I’m so glad to see that Linda’s decided to at least try to remain friends with Maze. Heck, even Chloe and Maze are dealing with each other pretty well right now. It’s nice to see good things happening for Maze.

Overall, this episode was excellent.  Chloe finally got closure for her father’s untimely death, Lucifer found out he’s not always destructive, Maze is starting to find her place in the world, and Dan and Lucifer may have formed an unlikely friendship.

Parting thoughts:

  • Chris Payne Gilbert, the actor who played Chloe’s father, is the real life husband of Lesley-Ann Brandt (Maze).
  • I loved the flashbacks. Seeing Dan and Chloe meet, getting to meet Chloe’s dad…. a great way to fill in the blanks and flesh the characters out.
  • Douche-ifer! I love it.
  • Lucifer’s “normal dude” voice.
  • Dan and Lucifer have a real conversation. Could this be the start of a friendship for Lucifer?
  • “You were trying to learn how not to Douche?”
  • The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Chloe’s Dad was a pretty decent detective himself.
  •  Maze is now a Bounty Hunter.
  • Lucifer and Chloe’s hug. Such a sweet moment.

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