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Vampire Diaries Recap: “You Decided That I Was Worth Saving”

Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW
Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW
Bob Mahoney/The CW

How many of us are still giddy about the Stefan’s (Paul Wesley) marriage proposal to Caroline (Candice King) from last week? Let’s not also forget about the imminent danger our favorite Bennett witch, Bonnie (Kat Graham), is in! Thanks to Damon (Ian Somerhalder), Sybil (Nathalie Kelly) was able to finally figure out the person Enzo (Michael Malarkey) cared for most. In this week’s episode we see her use this knowledge to get what she has been wanting – Enzo’s complete loyalty.

Now that Sybil has infiltrated Damon’s dreams and taken Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) place, she is using this to her advantage to wipe away more of Damon’s free will. In his mind, she continues to manipulate how he remembers events. We get a flash to the original car crash that landed Elena and her parents in the river. In reality she was saved, but Sybil has twisted that memory to having Elena also die along with her parents. Can we all take a moment to relish the cameo of our beloved Sheriff Liz Forbes (Marguerite MacIntyre)? As Sybil corrupts Damon’s mind, she keeps after Enzo to turn his humanity switch off. His refusal causes her to command Damon to kill Bonnie.

Fresh from the proposal high, Bonnie surprises Caroline – time for some dress shopping and wedding planning! Caroline is concerned that all the wedding talk is pushing her happiness in Bonnie’s face, but Bonnie puts her at ease and reassures her that this is great news. Being friends for so long, Bonnie knows Caroline has been planning her wedding since she was just a little girl and has the ‘wedding book’ to prove it! Bonnie intends on being the best bridesmaid she can be. Yay, a June wedding!

The CW
The CW

While the girl delight in the wedding news, Stefan heads over to Alaric to break the news. Partly preoccupied, Alaric (Matthew Davis) claims he’s fine with the news. He’s too busy trying to find out more about the mystery weapon from hell that Georgie (Allison Scagliotti) and him discovered last week. His interns have arrived at the house to help with the research.

Back at the wedding dress shop, Caroline and Bonnie search for the perfect wedding and maid of honor dresses. However, as Caroline throws her bouquet to Bonnie, their happy moment is interrupted. With the sales representative’s lifeless body in one hand and the bouquet in the other, Damon is back to cause havoc. Bonnie runs and Caroline lunges at Damon. He swiftly throws her across the room and begins hunting for Bonnie. In a flash, both Caroline and Bonnie attack Damon and make a run for it. Enzo and Sybil arrive to free Damon. It’s clear that Sybil is still irritated about Enzo keeping secrets, however, she now is concerned with why Damon hesitated to kill Bonnie. To understand why, she again enters both Enzo’s and Damon’s minds and sees that Damon and Bonnie have a long history. To gain more control, she enters Damon’s mind and twists his recollection of his friendship to Bonnie by replacing Bonnie with herself. Presto! Damon’s obedience has been regained.

Caroline calls Stefan to fill him in on the disaster of a shopping day, as she searches for weapons at the house. For some reason the weapons have all seem to be moved – Stefan has been child proofing. Awww! It becomes apparent to Stefan that the answers Alaric have been searching for needs to be found sooner rather than later. Stefan proceeds to tell Alaric that he needs to speed things up. No pressure Alaric!

As Caroline and Bonnie continue to search for weapon, she contemplates not inviting Damon at all. Of course that’s not possible, he’s going to be her brother-in-law and most likely the best man! Caroline begrudgingly replies to Bonnie reality check with, “Fine, fine…but he’s not sitting at the head table!” Among all the chaos, Caroline always has a way of giving viewers a nice chuckle.

While Stefan is headed back, Damon calls and requests a favor to save him. Now that has to raise a bunch of red flags! When Bonnie and Caroline finally find the crossbows and head back to the living room, they find Sybil sitting calmly. This can’t be good folks! She taunts Caroline about her wedding book and then turns her attention to Bonnie – what makes Bonnie so special to Enzo and Damon? Did Bonnie and Damon ever get intimate since they were alone for so long?

“You can’t spell Damon without DAMN.”

She threatens them for the answers to how Bonnie has managed to garner so much devotion from two men who should be completely dedicated to her.

Meanwhile, Georgie and Alaric are still trying to figure out what the deal is with the weapon from hell. Georgie has a theory – when you think of hell, you think of the Devil with a pitchfork. Since the artifact they found was forged in 2200 B.C., it’s design doesn’t include the normal three tips. Alaric presses for more answers on how to use the pitchfork against the siren, which Georgie finds odd. Isn’t this all  just research for a paper and lore after all?

Stefan finally reaches Mystic Falls high school, where Damon is waiting. He is unsure of why Damon has summoned him and is rightfully wary of his motives. Damon explains that no matter how hard he tries there is no way to break free from Sybil’s hold. The stake Damon has fashioned is apparently not for Bonnie, but for Enzo, who is passed out in the trunk.

Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW
Bob Mahoney/The CW

At the Salvatore house, Sybil is still trying to figure out what it is about Bonnie that makes her so special. Caroline says Bonnie would do anything for the people that she loves. Oh Caroline, stop giving Sybil info she can use against you all! With that helpful piece of information, Sybil offers Bonnie a choice. Since Sybil only needs one loyal follower, she is going to make Bonnie choose which one lives and which one dies experiencing an eternity of pain. Bonnie refuses to choose, so of course, Sybil has another play. In just a few minutes, Damon and Enzo will fight until one of them dies.

As Alaric’s makes lunch for the kids, he hears them bickering over the pitchfork. That’s no good…put the pitchfork down girls! As they play tug of war, they drop the artifact and the it radiates a sound that is unbearable for the twins. The girls scream and Alaric and Georgie rush to them. It’s not just a pitchfork, it’s a tuning fork! Georgie realizes that there is more to what Alaric is doing and offers her assistance to which Alaric brushes off.

The race is on to save Damon and Enzo, with one exception – Sybil has joined Caroline and Bonnie for the ride. She continues to taunt the girls from the back seat, and tells them the boys are all going to end up in hell anyway. Sybil enters Caroline’s mind and laughs off the idea that Caroline believes Stefan will swoop in and save them.

In the meantime, Stefan has learned he was called upon because Damon wants him to help fight Enzo. Stefan is frustrated that if Enzo can fight off Sybil, why can’t Damon? As they argue, the clock strikes and the battle begins! Stefan tries desperately to keep them from killing each other, however, he won’t be able to hold them off long.

Bonnie has finally had enough of Sybil and hits the brakes sending her flying through the windshield. Always wear your seatbelts! They quickly drive off and Bonnie worries that she won’t be able to do anything without her powers. In the end, Stefan will save Damon no matter what.

Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW
Bob Mahoney/The CW

Damon and Enzo continue to try and kill each other with Stefan in the middle. Caroline arrives just in time to stop Stefan from killing Enzo, but Damon snaps her neck and Enzo snaps Stefan’s neck. Bonnie rushes in just as Damon has his hand on Enzo’s heart and pleads with him to stop. Sybil appears and tells Bonnie she must choose. In the heat of the moment, she chooses Enzo. Damon’s look of pure shock and fear breaks Bonnie’s heart and she implores him to fight for that little bit of humanity that has to be left in him. Sybil interrupts with an ultimatum, Damon kills Bonnie and she kills Enzo, OR Enzo turns off his humanity and gives in completely to her and Bonnie lives. How many of you believe she’s going to let Bonnie live?

Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW
Bob Mahoney/The CW

With one final kiss goodbye, Enzo tells Bonnie that she is the only person who can bring him back and in an instant, he switches off his humanity. Sybil now has both men completely loyal to her and as we all suspected, she most definitely is NOT letting Bonnie live.

Bonnie doesn’t get too far before Damon catches up to her. Just as he is ready to pounce, Alaric saves the day! Using the pitchfork, he neutralizes the Sybil and Caroline knocks her out. Did no one notice Georgie in the car witnessing everything? Alaric is going to have some explaining to do! Unfortunately for Damon, knocking the siren out did not release the hold she has on him. Apparently he still has work to do and he drives off leaving Stefan and the gang with the Sybil and Enzo.

Back at the Armory, Sybil has been put in a holding cell. Stefan offers to help with Enzo, but Bonnie declines. She is upset knowing that Stefan would choose Damon. As Bonnie leaves, Caroline goes to follow her so she can be there to support her. Before leaving she and Stefan briefly talk. Fighting on opposite sides was not easy on them but they both understand each other’s dilemma.

At the local bar, Stefan writes to Elena about what has happened so far. Alaric stops by with a drink suggesting that he write about the engagement instead. He properly congratulates him on the proposal and assures Stefan that if he got Damon back before, he can do it again.

Bob Mahoney/The CW
Bob Mahoney/The CW

Just as Stefan expected, the siren’s hold on Damon is still strong. Following her instructions, he lays on the road as a trap for the next victim. But, wait, that’s not just another victim, it’s Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino)! Where has our favorite werewolf been all this time? It’s apparent he has been kept updated as to Damon’s current state. He challenges Damon to kill him. Oh Tyler, why would you dare a rabid psychotic vampire? We end the episode with Damon going for Tyler’s jugular. Will Tyler survive? How will Alaric explain what Georgie observed? Will Bonnie be able to turn Enzo’s humanity back on?

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We discover Sybil has a sister! Meanwhile Damon continues on his destructive path to hell as Stefan desperately tries to save him.


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