WATCH: The Official ‘T2: Trainspotting’ Trailer Has Been Released

“You’re an addict. So be addicted. Just be addicted to something else. Choose the ones you love. Choose your future. Choose life.”

Choose life.  Even 20 years later.  The brand new trailer for the much-anticipated sequel to Trainspotting has finally been released.  T2: Trainspotting picks up 20 years after the original film leaves off.  If you remember, the original film left off with Mark Renton (played by Ewan McGregor) betraying his friends and opting to choose a new, drug free life.

The new installment of the film will reunite original cast members McGregor, Ewen Bremner (Spud) , Jonny Lee Miller (Sick Boy) and Robert Carlyle (Begbie) with director Danny Boyle.

The film is based on the novel Porno by Irvine Welsh which was the sequel to his first book Trainspotting and is produced by Bernard Bellew, Chy Boyle, Christian Colson, Andrew Macdonald, with a screenplay written by John Hodge.

The trailer looks amazing and, after having just recently rewatched the original film, I can not wait for this to hit theaters. T2: Trainspotting is scheduled for release in the U.K. on January 27, 2017, followed by the United States release on February 3, 2017.


Source: Variety

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