‘Suicide Squad’: New Portraits Revealed of June Moon and Harley Quinn

You know what we love? That Suicide Squad is back into campaign mode for their Digital HD and DVD/Blu-ray that will be released with an extended cut! We’ve all been waiting (not so patiently) for that extended cut. We believe that those 13 extra minutes will explain SO much more in the movie.


For this, photographer Clay Enos, has posted two new portraits on his Instagram of Harley Quinn and June Moon.


The first picture that he posted, was one from June Moon. This was before the Enchantress took over and before she found something she shouldn’t have. Take a look:

Cara as Dr. June Moon #suicidesquad

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But that is not the only picture he took and I’m guessing that it won’t be the last one we see of mister Enos! He posted this on Halloween (what makes it more special) and was of a very popular character in the movie. You guessed that right, here is Harley Quinn!

Halloween inspiration. #SuicideSquad #BetteronVero

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Suicide Squad will invade your home with Digital HD on November 15 and on DVD and Blu-ray on December 13. Be prepared!



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