There’s a LEGO version of ‘The Walking Dead’ Scene and it is Brutal

So it’s been a week since, well you know, THAT episode. Are you guys feeling any better yet? I know, take your time. The grieving process is different for everyone.

Well, you know how LEGO likes to reenact scenes, guess what- yeah, they did the season seven premiere…

Usually LEGOs make things adorable, not this time.

 The video blends stop-motion with the dialogue and sound effects of the show. It doesn’t hold back on the gore either. And the emotion on tuheir little faces is so spot on. Who knew LEGO figurines could make you cry all over again?

So if your still grieving Glenn and Abraham I suggest you wait a little bit longer before checking out this clip.

Without further adieu, The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be in LEGO form- try to enjoy.

Source: and @Cudlitz

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