Doctor Who: Whographica: An Infographic Guide to Space and Time – Review

Illustrator Ben Morris holds up the US and UK edition of "Doctor Who: Whographica: An Infographic Guide to Space and Time."

Doctor Who has been around for more than 53 years and has had many, many magazines, comics, audio dramas, and books. However, one aspect that has not been explored throughly is showing the history of Doctor Who….through graphs!!!

Thankfully, that conundrum has been solved thanks to Simon Guerrier, Steven O’Brien and Ben Morris, who wrote and illustrated the forthcoming book Doctor Who: Whographica: An Infographic Guide to Space and Time. Going through the book, I felt as if I was hearing the Doctor (in my case, Matt Smith) in my head saying witty things and proclaiming how brilliant and interesting and colorful these graphs were and perhaps taking a few mental notes for himself as well.

The book is divided into the following 12 chapters that explore various aspects of Doctor Who such as Alien Worlds, Tardis, Daleks and many many other aspects that explore the Doctor’s world and the many informative graphs about the show itself. The book is very entertaining and will prove to be a fantastic coffee table book on your Tardis or other method of traveling through space and time.

The book is currently available for preorder at all online booksellers and will be available in the United States at your local bookstore on November 22.


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