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‘The Flash’ Preview ‘Monster’

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The Flash Preview ‘Monster’


There’s a giant monster attacking Central City. But that is the least of Barry’s problems as there is something strange about H.R. It seems he has some ulterior motive for having accepted the position as the new Earth-Prime Harrison Wells. Cisco is getting a strange feeling and decides to go through H.R.’s stuff where he finds a recorder. H.R. isn’t too thrilled by that.

This week we get to meet Caitlin’s mom, played by Susan Walters. Caitlin visits her mother to get some help in understand her powers. What her mother knows about powers, I don’t know. From previous seasons, we know that Caitlin did not have a very good relationship with her mom, but perhaps all of Barry’s time travel has changed that. I just wish Caitlin would tell the rest of Team Flash because they will accept and help her no matter what.

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