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Recap of ‘Lucifer: Weaponizer’


urielWhile Chloe investigates the death of former action movie star Wesley Cabot, Lucifer deals with the sudden and unwanted appearance of his brother Uriel (Michael Imperioli). Suspecting Chloe’s accident might have been caused by his brother, Lucifer appoints himself Chloe’s “Guardian Devil” and vows to remain at her side until he’s sure she’s no longer in danger.

Realizing Uriel’s always been intimidated by his oldest brother, Lucifer calls in Amenadiel to handle the situation. Though Amenadiel tries, in his current state, he’s no match for Uriel. “Your pride is your undoing,” Uriel tells his brother.  “I’ve been waiting a long time for this.”

Thinking the situation with Uriel has been handled, Lucifer returns to Lux – only to find Maze tending to Amenadiel’s wounds. How did this happen, Lucifer wonders? Amenadiel announces he’s lost his powers. “I’ve fallen” he tells his brother.

Lucifer heads to an abandoned church to take care of Uriel only to realize his brother’s recruited a special weapon for the trip: Azrael’s blade. Uriel plans to wipe his mother out, Lucifer realizes, not just return her to Hell.

The two brothers fight. Uriel appears to have the upper hand, knocking out not only Lucifer, but Maze, who followed to protect Lucifer, as well. When Uriel moves to set his plan to kill Chloe into motion, Lucifer reappears and stabs Azrael’s blade into his brother’s heart.  Horrified, Lucifer returns to Lux to find his mother waiting for him.

“What have I done?” he asks her.

Wow, what an intense episode! So many things happened in such a short span of time. Amenadiel finally had to admit that he lost his powers.  Maze got a bad ass fight scene. And the biggest shocker of all, that ending!

Amenadiel was finally forced to admit that he was powerless. Is he right?  Is this because of his involvement with Lucifer and Maze?  Has he fallen?  What will that mean for the balance between Good and Evil?  Amenadiel warned Lucifer that remaining on Earth would tip the scales and that his brother needed to return home. How will this affect Humanity?

I gather Azrael’s blade is similar to the Angel Blade on “Supernatural” in that it has the ability to harm or kill another Angel. What does that mean for Lucifer?  God will not be pleased.  What will he do to punish his son?  Did this put Chloe into even more danger or will Lucifer be the sole object of his father’s wrath?

Parting thoughts:

  • Is Uriel really gone or is there a chance he might return?
  • Maze and Chloe are actually going to be roommates. I can’t wait for this.
  • Welcome to Devil time.
  • Dan and Lucifer both geeking out of the Body Bag films.
  • Maze has a way with children.
  • “There’s my Lightbringer, my Morningstar”
  • What did Uriel whisper to Lucifer?
  • Tom Ellis’ performance was excellent in this episode.

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