Misha Collins Inspires Fans In Atlanta

Misha Collins took a break from his appearance at the Supernatural convention in Atlanta this weekend to raise support for Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Speaking to a packed-out crowd at Bottle Rocket in downtown (as well as live-streaming the event on his Facebook page), Collins stressed the importance of participating in the upcoming US Presidential election on November 8th in between taking audience questions. No spoilers for season 12 of Supernatural were revealed, but plenty of fans in attendance had something to say.

One mom, there with her 15-year-old daughter, asked what advice Collins had for teens and first-time voters. He stressed the importance of learning about and participating in the upcoming Presidential election to the fullest extent. He cautioned against relying on just one source or one point of view, or even on the words of a celebrity. Instead, he encouraged all his fans to take the time to read about all the issues and candidates carefully before voting.

Another fan thanked him for his outspoken support of minorities and marginalized voters, while a third asked about what the fallout from the election will be. This led to a discussion about censorship and media bias, particularly on the Internet. He reiterated the need to read and listen carefully, especially to those with different viewpoints. He said that there are valid reasons for voting on both sides, and that it’s important to be aware of all of them. No matter what the results are, he’s hoping for real change in the electoral process.

After the event, Misha followed his words up with action by inviting the entire crowd to join him down the block at the Clinton campaign office. Teenagers under 18 are able to volunteer for political campaigns for any party, and it’s a great way for those who can’t vote yet to start getting involved in the future of their country.

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