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‘American Horror Story: Roanoke’ Preview ‘Chapter 7’



I’ve probably said this before but…it’s getting real on AHS: Roanoke. Literally. Now that we’re in full reality TV show mode, we’re going to be seeing a whole lot of strange things unfold.

The preview for ‘Chapter 7’ starts off with Dominic Banks telling the confessional camera that what he likes about reality TV is that “the bad guy’s always the lead in every show.” He follows this up with a super creepy chuckle that makes me think he’s either 1) in on the whole scheme of the show or 2) he’s going to be doing some serious damage over the coming episodes.

The rest of the preview consists of random screams, all the characters freaking out how ‘real’ the haunting is, and Matt telling Shelby that he really did love her.

Not going to lie—I wasn’t a fan of the big twist last episode and how it was revealed to us, but I think the remaining episodes will be interesting (and maybe even a little scary) to watch!
Also…where’s Lady Gaga?

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