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Flash Villains from Screen to Page: Magenta

Fans of the CW lineup of DC comic book shows have been rejoicing for the past few weeks, our lives are once again consumed by all our favorite heroes! In this series we take a closer look at the villains that make our heroes work for that title. The first three installments included, Grodd, Weather Wizard, and Golden Glider. Now that we are back into the season lets look a little closer at this week’s villain of the week, Magenta.

Fellow Fan Fest writer Alyssa Tieman does a fantastic Flash review that you can check out here if you have not read it yet! Which shame on you if you have not!!! Just kidding you can take a break real quick and go read it! Okay now that you have read it you know a little more about Frankie aka Magenta.


The troubled Frankie we met this week was different in a lot of ways from her comic book counter part, the most notable difference of course is that Magenta is one of those rare characters that started on the hero path and ended up a villain. Frances “Frankie” Kane grew up in Nebraska with her best friend Wally West. Her incredible magnetic powers developed when she was young, she was able to levitate things , in a freak accident her powers manifested in a big boom one night while she was driving with her father and brother. Their car was thrown off a cliff and both her brother and father died as a result of the crash. Her mother believing she is possessed by the devil wants nothing to do with her. Wally and the Teen Titans take her in and try and help her get control of her powers, not an easy feat. The bond of shared powers and a life long friendship lead to a relationship between Frankie and Wally when they were in college. The superhero life is just too much for her so she leaves the Teen Titans and Wally, she wants to live a normal girl life and goes to Star Labs for help. A scientist, who was not a very cool dude split her personalities instead of taking her powers away. This new personality is Magenta, she is the darkest parts of Frankie.

Though you would think this would be enough to drive anyone to villainy, that isn’t all of Frankie’s story, Raven another Teen Titan turned bad at that point kidnaps Frankie and implants a part of her father the demon Trigon’s soul into Frankie’s. Trigon is pure evil and while he was eventually defeated the touch of evil never left Frankie, she blamed Wally for her not ever letting her live a normal life. She eventually fell in with Cicada and then The New Rouges Gallery, her dual personalities battle out from dominance much like we saw in this weeks Flash and she turns on the Rouges eventually.

DC Comics
DC Comics

The Flash writers did a great job with Frankie aka Magenta this week. Joey King who played Magenta brought a complex character, well two complex characters to life with easy. I just wish we could have seen a little cuter interaction between Frankie and Wally.

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