The Harry Potter Make-Up Wand Brushes Are Real and Ready to Be Pre-Ordered!

You see it right, fellow Harry Potter fans! The make-up wand brushes are real and you can pre-order them from now on! Or, you could at least. The pre-orders are already out of stock, which is pretty sad, but I think a lot of people will wait for these. Take a look at the awesome brushes:



You know what is even better about these awesome too-pretty-to-use brushes? It’s totally cruelty free! The set comes with 5 brushes and an awesome costume made velvet bag. It will cost $55 (shipping not included) and you know you’ll buy it!


For the people that are dying to have these and are sad they are sold out (like us), you can check the Storybook Cosmetics Instagram daily (like we most definitely will).




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