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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap ‘The Hot Tub Contamination’


Amy and Sheldon are still living together- it’s going… eh?

And Sheldon is now mad that Amy isn’t following his rigid bathroom schedule. He says he is open to communication however, he refuses to hear it when Amy suggests keeping their toothbrushes in the same holder. He wants to see other people.

Bernadette and Howard are planning a trip to Palm Springs. How exciting! Except for the fact that Bernie still has morning sickness… poor thing.

Penny and Sheldon discuss Sheldon’s dilemma and they conclude that Amy and Leonard aren’t so different after all. Amy and Leonard are doing the same but they conclude that while the situation is difficult, it will get better.

Howard and Bernie cancelled their trip and they hear someone entering their house. They begin freaking out until they hear the hot tub turn on… Stewart.

Their porch lights turn on… Raj.

Both are startled and Stewart reveals he’s been coming over for months while Bernie and Howard aren’t home.

Raj offers Stewart a place to live until he gets his electricity back on and when Stewart declines- Raj reveals that he is single.

Penny and Sheldon get ice cream and she points out women to Sheldon. He turns down every option. He actually compliments her when she points out that he doesn’t want to find another girl.

He tells her that his father cheated on his mother and that he’s preparing Amy for that pain. And that’s the reason he knocks three times.

He says the first ones traditional  two and three are for you to get your pants on. LOL

Penny reassures him that he isn’t like his father and that he needs to fix things with Amy now and not worry about hurting her in the future.

Back in the hot tub, Howard finally snaps revealing that he and Bernie were home the whole time.

Sheldon apologizes for his behavior and is willing to forgo the bathroom schedule. He even lets her share the toothbrush holder!


Next week TBBT is moving to Thursday! Same time, same place, different day!

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