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Marc Guggenheim Reveals New Crossover Details

Image: The CW

Marc Guggenheim Reveals New Crossover Details

Arrow Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim has revealed how Supergirl will fit into the crossover episode. In season one of Supergirl, we learned that National City existed in a different world from the rest of the Arrow-verse. Barry accidentally traveled there while trying out new technology that could get him back to Earth-2. This tech still exists and will be used by Barry to bring Supergirl to Earth-Prime. It was recently revealed that the main villain for the four-show crossover was the alien race, the Dominators. When Barry learns of the invasion, he decides that Supergirl will be the perfect person to help them deal with the new threat.

The four-way crossover coincides with the 100th episode of Arrow, and Guggenheim confirmed the return of some of our favorites including Malcolm Merlyn, Moira Queen, and Deathstroke.

The crossover event will happen in episodes 8 of Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow.

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