‘Gotham’ Recap ‘Mad City: Anything For You’

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We open up right away with a parade for Oswald, celebrating his victory.  Edward is riding right next to him as Butch trails behind the car.  Feeding the homeless and presenting a new school bus are all things a new mayor should do.  Of course with Edward by his side.  Oswald begins talking to a statue of his mother.  He asks if he has made her proud.  In walks Edward who says the answer is yes he has.  “People love you.  Gangs fear you,” Ed tells Oswald.  This gives Oswald the idea to display his mothers statue at city hall.  While giving a speech on how he plans to keep Gotham safe, a van pulls up and out pop men with red masks who shoot the area.  They break his mothers statue.  They will pay.

Jim and Val are talking at his place.  She can’t come over tonight on account she has a dinner planned with a hematologist to find out more answers about Alice’s blood.  She begins to ask Jim about her blood but he doesn’t want to give her any answers.

Captain is looking at the files on Alice when Harvey breaks in telling him about the Red Hood gang.  Captain tells him to search for them.  Edward comes in letting the whole station know how much he has missed them all.  He makes it known that he is the lead investigator in the Red Hood crime, and that everyone in the station will listen to him about it.

While Oswald is morning other his mothers statue, he tells his group of people that they will find the Red Hood Gang.  Zsasz is back which I am so excited about!

Where the Red Hood Gang is hiding out, they are waiting for their boss.  In walks their boss…..good ole’ Butch.  He lets them know they have work to do.  Does anyone else hate Butch right now?


Image: FOX
Image: FOX


Bruce shows up at Jim’s unannounced.  Jim’s been meaning to see Bruce since they have gotten back.  He wants to hire Jim to help find Ivy.  Selina knows nothing about Jim being hired.  He is doing this out of the kindness of his heart.  Jim asks Bruce how long they have been a thing.  Like a typical teenager, Bruce tries to deny they are nothing more than friends.

Nygma goes to see Fox.  As they go back and forth a little about when Nygma tried to kill him and Bruce, Edward makes it known that he was insane and no longer is.  He has a certificate.  They are looking at a piece of material though a microscope.  This material will hopefully help them find the gang.

Jim and Bruce head off to GCPD to talk to Harvey about Ivy.  He informs them that a man found her sweater, but the girl with this sweater was in her 20’s.  Lee interrupts and wants to talk to Jim.  She wants to let him know about her engagement announcement so he is not surprised.  Lee’s in a bit of shock that Jim already knew Mario’s last name; Falcone.  He again tells her that he is happy for her.

Edward sees Lee and says hello.  She slaps him right away letting him know that was for Kristin. She also makes it well known that she is not scared of him, but that she is happy to help Penguin in anyway he needs.

Barbra and Tabitha have found a man that is called the ballistic bomber.  They have him in the freezer at their club.  With that bomb, they know where to find the gang.


Image: FOX
Image: FOX


While at lunch, Bruce and Jim are talking about Selina.  Jim tells Bruce that he should tell her how he feels.  He says it’s a little more complicated than that.  On the TV they hear about the gang, and people wondering if they will show to the party.  Bruce says he is supposed to go to the party.

Oswald gets in a mood where he spills wine on himself.  Edward goes over to him and uses salt to help get the stain out of his suit.  This gives Ed an idea.  He gives Oswald a riddle which does not amuse him, that gives the answer of salt.  He knows where the gang is.

Barbra and Tabitha question Butch once they figure it out.  He tells them to see this through.  He just wants his place beside Penguin back.  While trying to work things out, Oswald calls him telling him they have figured it out.  An ‘oh crap’ moment for Butch.  He heads to break up the gang he has assembled, but they wont until they are paid.  Butch decides to kill them since he only has a short amount of time.  Penguin and his crew walk in and Butch pretends to play the hero.  Edward is not buying it.


Image: FOX
Image: FOX

With the Red Hood Gang no more, Oswald informs the press that Butch is the one who has killed the gang.  Edward shows how in disbelief he is.

At the crime scene, Edward is trying to figure it out.  Harvey doesn’t care, he knows it’s all taken care of, and that’s all that matters to him.  Edward has a look around the crime scene finding a suit which is oddly suspicious.

Captain sees Lee and wants to talk to her.  She thinks it’s because she slapped Edward, but he knew nothing of that.  He asks about Alice’s blood.  Lee informs him about the study they have done of the rats with her blood.  An odd study with three rats and only one became oddly powerful.  He broke though a dozen other cages to kill the other rats.  They are starting a new study now.

At Mayor Oswald Cobblepot’s victory party, Butch is looking odd.  Tabitha goes over to talk to him reminding him that he owes her.  This he knows.  Bruce and Alfred make their appearance.  Their life is no fake smiles and mingling.  Definitely setting the tone for Bruce as he gets older.  Penguin sees them and heads over to talk to them.  They thank him, when Bruce sees Selina walking through the club.  He excuses himself.    Selina is stealing from guests at the party.  She runs into Ivy who she tries to take from.  Selina asks who she is, but she replies “no, not yet, this is fun.” She tells Selina to run along.

Ed goes up to Butch and hands him a box.  In this box is a pocket square.  Edward tells him how he found out that Butch and the Red Hood Gang have the same tailor.  Now that he has figured it out, Butch grabs him by the neck.  Edward wants to make a deal with him.  To kill Penguin, and run Gotham with him.  Easy, put the hood on, kill Penguin, and Edward will help him escape.  Butch is baffled that Edward has turned on Oswald.  He declines this invitation.  Surprise number 2! Zsasz has Tabitha held to kill if Butch doesn’t agree to kill Penguin.

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Image: FOX


Selina keeps staring over at Ivy.  Bruce walks up to Selina ans asks if he can talk to her alone.  She makes sure it is actually Bruce and says to make it quick.

Butch can’t believe Zsasz has turned on Oswald too.  It’s showtime!! Cobblepot has a few words to say.  Before going up on stage, Edward wishes him good luck.  Oswald says that this victory is not his, but Gotham’s.  A Red Hood member shows up to shoot Penguin, but before this can happen, Zsasz shoots him. They take off his hood, and ta da it’s Butch.  Edward was sure to give him up.  Tabitha breaks out of her cuffs and beats the men holding her hostage.  Oswald punches Butch in the face.  He lets everyone know that he will prosecute anyone that threatens.  Butch jumps up and tackles Ed, strangling him.  Oswald hits Butch in the head to stop him from strangling Ed.  “Best party ever!” Barbra says.

Image: FOX
Image: FOX


On the roof top of the club, Bruce tells her how he has hired Jim.  She asks if that’s all, and of course it’s the real him because he is boring.  Bruce stops her and tells her that they have been friends for a long time, and he likes her.  (FINALLY!!) Selina doesn’t believe this.  She thinks it’s because she’s the only girl he knows.  They are the same claims Bruce, but money to her makes a big difference.  He knows there is something between them that she can’t deny.  Selina kisses him, which leaves him confused.  As she leaves, Bruce has a smile that comes across his face.

Valire is out to dinner with the doctor asking about Alice’s blood.  He really is not giving her any information.  Jim shows up and tells the doctor to leave.  He claims he was just walking by but she doesn’t buy it.

Oswald gives Edward ginger tea with honey.  It was his mothers recipe.  He want’s to know why Ed didn’t tell him what he was planning.  People had to believe it.  He’s now a city hero again.  “Anything for you, you can count on me,” Edward tells Oswald.

Tabitha is leaving the club to follow the ambulance with Butch in it.  Men walk into Captain to tell him the ambulance has been hijacked.  This makes the captain mad and his symptoms start to come out.  What is going on with him?

Lastly, we see Jervis at the tea party he created for Alice.  He has a woman tied in the chair who looks like Alice.  He kills her.  He makes it known that everyone is going to feel his pain.  We end with James Gordon written on a paper with the woman’s blood.



I can not wait for next week.  The hatter has arrived!!!    This episode was amazing! I loved being able to see Oswald and Ed’s relationship grow.  But how long is that really going to last?

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