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Review ‘Lucifer: Lady Parts’


Chloe and Lucifer investigate the murder of two young girls poisoned at a night club. Lucifer asks Maze to take Chloe out for drinks as part of a friendly wager….but even the Lord of Hell wouldn’t have placed bets on what would happen next.

This episode was so much fun. From Lucifer’s obsession with his new cell phone to the girl’s (and to an extent guy’s) night out, this episode worked.

I’ve been saying all season long that I wanted an episode with Dr. Martin and Maze hanging out as friends. I was so, so wrong.

What I really wanted was what “Lady Parts” delivered: a scene with the ladies of Lucifer hanging out, relaxing, and having fun.  A scene where they created their own tribe; where each of the women had the other’s back. Bonding over karaoke, shared tidbits about their lives, and drunken bar fights.  I can only imagine how much fun the ladies must have had on set during filming (and what might hit the gag reel at season’s end.)

While the guy’s night out wasn’t as intense as the ladies’, it was still fun to see Lucifer and Amenadiel have a bit of fun at Dan’s expense.  If nothing else, it freed up Amenadiel to finally talk to his brother about the problems he’s been having – just in time to deliver a chilling warning to Lucifer about the consequences of exploiting a loophole in his deal with his father.

Next week’s episode looks to be fairly intense. What will happen to Chloe?  Who’s the mysterious man in the dark SUV who t-boned Chloe’s car? Tune in next Monday on FOX.

Parting thoughts:

  • Lucifer’s a fan of gummies and cat videos. (Though, interestingly, he believes cats to be “foul, incontinent creatures.”)
  • They won’t shut up about something called ‘gluten.’
  • Dr. Martin was a phone sex operator in school. Ella used to steal cars. Maze says she was forged in the bowels of Hell to torture souls for all of eternity. Chloe sees many, many cats in her future.
  • Amenadiel thinks Cosmos are yummy.
  • Maze admits Chloe isn’t so bad when she’s drunk.
  • Douche cam.
  • Maze and Chloe…. Roomates…. Wow.

What did you guys think?  What was your favorite part of the episode?

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