Throwback Thursday: ‘The Magic School Bus’ (1994)


You know what I really miss about growing up as a kid? Well, one of the things I should say I missed growing up as a kid… some of the amazing television shows that we got to experience growing up. Don’t get me wrong, today’s TV shows are just as enjoyable and a lot of television shows for kids have gotten quite educational! One of these educational cartoon shows I highly enjoyed growing up, was definitely The Magic School Bus.


Every time I would  take the bus to school as a kid, I remember hoping that the bus would be just like the one on Magic School Bus and would take me on some quick little adventure before I had to head off to school. I mean, who wouldn’t? they took some pretty cool adventures in that show!

In 1994, The Magic School Bus concept was made into an animated series of the same name by Scholastic Entertainment, and premiered on September 10, 1994. The Idea for the show was thought up by Former Scholastic Entertainment Vice President; Craig Walker. Scholastic Entertainment president Deborah Forte said that adapting the books into an animated series was an opportunity to help kids “learn about science in a fun way”.

Well, it certainly succeeded!! The show was amazing!?

Check out the video below to remember the original theme song:



Who else watched this show growing up??

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