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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap ‘The Cohabitation Experimentation’


Its finally happening! Shamy is moving in together! Well sort of.

Amy’s apartment flooded and she needs a place to stay for the next five weeks. So Penny suggests that she stay with Sheldon. That way, Penny will finally get to live alone with her husband.

After some convincing, Sheldon agrees when he looks at as an experiment. So he and Amy pack and move into Penny’s place.

Bernadette is close to her due date and Howard and Raj take her to the Dr.’s. Now starts the dilemma of gender. Do they want to know the gender of the baby? Well Raj already knows…

Leonard and Penny immediately have a dance party while Amy and Sheldon go about their daily lives.

Eventually they get to bed and Sheldon is just as obnoxious in his unconscious as he is awake… Poor Amy.  Basically she ends up sleeping on the floor.

Howard and Bernadette keep pestering Raj about the gender but keep chickening out every time he answers the phone.

The next morning, Amy is complaining to Penny and Leonard  about Sheldon and when Sheldon brings up his frustrations they get into a diss-off.

They both end up going back to their new place to make out. Awww.

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